Essential Oil

Pure Essential Oil

All essential oils are 100% natural extraction, perform medical results and not harmful to skin application.

Natural Pure Essential Oil10ml50ml
Agarwood Essential Oil3868
Agarwood Leaf Essential Oil2858
Allspice Essential Oil3868
Almond Essential Oil3868
Aloe Vera Essential Oil2858
Amaranth Flower Essential Oil3868
Angelica root Essential Oil4898
Anise Essential Oil2858
Apple (Green) Essential Oil2248
Apple (Red) Essential Oil2248
Atractylodes Essential Oil3868
Banana Essential Oil2858
Banana Leaf Essential Oil2248
Basil - Cinnamon Basil ( Thai Basil ) Essential Oil2858
Basil - Lemon Basil ( Citriodorum Basil ) Essential Oil2858
Basil - Purple Ruffles Basil Essential Oil2858
Basil - Sweet Basil ( Giant Basil ) Essential Oil2858
Bay Leaf Essential Oil3868
Black Spruce48
Benzoin Essential Oil2858
Bergamot Essential Oil3868
Bitter Melon Essential Oil2248
Calamus Essential Oil2858
Camphor Essential Oil2858
Caraway Essential Oil3868
Cardamom Essential Oil2858
Carrot Essential Oil1838
Cashew Leaf ( Anacardium Occidentale ) Essential Oil2248
Cassia seed Essential Oil2858
Cedar Wood Essential Oil2858
Celery Essential Oil2248
Chamomile - German Charmomile Essential Oil2858
Chamomile - Roman Charmomile Essential Oil3868
Chamomile - Wild Charmomile Essential Oil2248
Chili - Small Chili Essential Oil3868
Chili Essential Oil2248
Chive ( Allium schoenoprasum L ) Essential Oil2248
Chive Leaf ( Allium schoenoprasum L ) Essential Oil2248
Cinnamon Essential Oil2858
Citronella ( Java Citronella ) Essential Oil2248
Clary Sage Essential Oil3868
Clove Essential Oil3868
Coffee Essential Oil2858
Coriander Essential Oil2858
Cucumber Essential Oil1838
Cumin Essential Oil2248
Curry Leaf Essential Oil2248
Cypress Essential Oil3868
Daisy Damianita ( Chrysactinia Mexicana ) Essential Oil2248
Date - Black Date Essential Oil2858
Date - Candied Date Essential Oil2858
Date - Red Date Essential Oil2858
Dill ( Anethum Graveolens ) Essential Oil2248
Eucalyptus Essential Oil2248
Fennel Essential Oil2248
Fennel Leaf Essential Oil2858
Fenugreek Essential Oil2248
Fetal Chrysanthemum Essential Oil2858
Frankincense Essential Oil2858
Galangal Essential Oil2858
Garlic Essential Oil2248
Geranium - Rose Geranium Essential Oil2858
Geranium ( Lemon Geranium )Essential Oil2858
Ginger - Spicy Ginger Essential Oil2858
Ginger Essential Oil2248
Ginger Flower Essential Oil2248
Ginseng Essential Oil68128
Grapefruit Essential Oil2248
Green Grass Essential Oil2248
Helichrysum Essential Oil3868
Hyssop Essential Oil3868
Jasmine Essential Oil3868
Lavandula Dentata Essential Oil2858
Lavender Essential Oil2858
Leek Essential Oil2858
Lemon - Green Lemon Essential Oil2248
Lemon - Yellow Lemon Essential Oil2248
Lemon Myrtle Aromatic Essential Oil2858
Lemongrass Essential Oil2248
Licorice Essential Oil2858
Lily Flower Essential Oil3868
Lime - Calamansi Lime Essential Oil1838
Lime - Calamansi Lime Leaf Essential Oil1838
Lime - Kaffir Lime Essential Oil2248
Lime - Kaffir Lime Leaf Essential Oil2248
Longan Essential Oil2858
Lotus Flower Essential Oil2858
Lotus Leave Essential Oil2248
Lotus Root Essential Oil2858
Lover Fruit Essential Oil2248
Mandarin Essential Oil3868
Mango Essential Oil2248
Manuka Essential Oil2858
Marigold Flower Essential Oil3868
Marjoram Essential Oil3868
Mexican Coriander ( Eryngium Foetidum ) Essential Oil2248
Mint - Apple Mint ( Mentha Suaveolens ) Essential Oil2858
Mint - Cinnamon Mint Essential Oil2858
Mint - Grapefruit Mint ( Mentha Piperita ) Essential Oil2858
Mint - Lemon Balm ( Melissa Officinalis ) Essential Oil2858
Mint - Lime Mint Essential Oil2858
Mint - Mexican Mint ( Plectranthus socotranum ) Essential Oil2858
Mint - Peppermint ( Mentha Piperita ) Essential Oil2248
Mint - Pogostemon Cablin Essential Oil2248
Mint - Spear Mint Essential Oil2858
Mint - Swiss Mint ( Mentha Spicata ) Essential Oil2858
Mint - Vietnamese Mint ( Persicaria Odorata ) Essential Oil2858
Mugwort Essential Oil2858
Mullein Essential Oil3868
Mustard Essential Oil2858
Myrrh Essential Oil2858
Neem Essential Oil2858
Neroli Essential Oil3868
Nutmeg Essential Oil2858
Onion Essential Oil2248
Orange Essential Oil1838
Oregano ( Origanum Vulgare ) Essential Oil2858
Osmanthus Flower Essential Oil3868
Palmarosa Essential Oil2858
Pandan Leaf Essential Oil2248
Papaya Essential Oil Essential Oil2248
Papaya Leaves Essential Oil Essential Oil2248
Parsley Essential Oil2248
Passion Flower Essential Oil2858
Passion Fruit Essential Oil2858
Patchouli Essential Oil3868
Peach Essential Oil2858
Peach Flower Essential Oil3868
Peony Flower Essential Oil3868
Pepper - Black Pepper Essential Oil3868
Pepper - Sarawak White Pepper Essential Oil3868
Pepper - White Pepper Essential Oil3868
Petitgrain Essential Oil2858
Pimento Essential Oil2858
Pine - Christmas Pine Essential Oil2858
Pine - Fragrant Pine Essential Oil3868
Pine - Japanese Pine Essential Oil2858
Pine - Pine Wood Essential Oil3868
Pine - Sleeping Pine Essential Oil2858
Pineapple Essential Oil1838
Polygonum Multiflorum Essential Oil3868
Pomelo Essential Oil2248
Pomelo Leaf Essential Oil2248
Pumpkin Essential Oil2858
Ravensara aromatica38
Rose Essential Oil68228
Roselle Flower Essential Oil2248
Rosemary Essential Oil2248
Rosewood Essential Oil3868
Rosmarinus Australasia Essential Oil2858
Rue ( Ruta Graveolens ) Essential Oil2858
Sandalwood Essential Oil3868
Spikenard Essential Oil2858
Stevia ( Stevia Rebaudiana ) Essential Oil2248
Stinging Nettle Essential Oil2248
Strawberry Essential Oil3868
Tagetes Essential Oil3868
Tangerine Essential Oil2858
Tansy Essential Oil3868
Tarragon Essential Oil2858
Tea Tree Essential Oil3868
Thuja Essential Oil2858
Thyme - Lemon Thyme Essential Oil2858
Thyme ( Common Thyme ) Essential Oil2858
Tongkat Ali Essential Oil3868
Tuberose Essential Oil3868
Turmeric Essential Oil1838
Turmeric Leaf Essential Oil2858
Vallaris Glabra Essential Oil Essential Oil2858
Vera Wood Essential Oil2858
Vera Wood Leaf Essential Oil2858
Verbena - Lemon Verbena Essential Oil2858
Vetiver Essential Oil2858
White Carrot Essential Oil1838
Winter Melon Essential Oil2248
Wintergreen Essential Oil2248
Wolf Berry Essential Oil2858
Wormwood Essential Oil2858
Yam Essential Oil2858
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil3868

Blended Essential Oil10ml50ml
Essential Oil For Face And Skin
Acne Scar Healing Essential Oil3888
Anti Acne Essential Oil3888
Anti Aging Essential Oil3888
Eye Beg Reduce Essential Oil3888
Face Anti Sensitive Essential Oil3888
Face Anti Wrinkle Essential Oil3888
Face Firming Essential Oil3888
Face Hydrating Essential Oil3888
Face Moisturizing Essential Oil3888
Face Vitalise Essential Oil3888
Face Whitening Essential Oil3888
Freckles Remove Essential Oil3888
Pigmentation Remove Essential Oil3888
Essential Oil For Body And Skin
Body Firming Essential Oil3888
Body Slimming Essential Oil3888
Breast Firming Essential Oil3888
Cellulite Remover Essential Oil3888
Chest Firming Essential Oil3888
Essential Oil For Hair And Scalp
Black Hair Essential Oil3888
Hair Growth Essential Oil3888
Oil Scalp Treatment Essential Oil3888
Repair Damage Hair Essential Oil3888
Scalp Itchi Essential Oil3888
Scalp Psoriasis Essential Oil3888
Essential Oil For Skin Problems
Body Acne Healing Essential Oil3888
Eczema Healing Essential Oil3888
Lupus Healing Essential Oil3888
Psoriasis Healing Essential Oil3888
Ringworm Healing Essential Oil3888
Skin Rash Healing Essential Oil3888
Essential Oil For Healing
Awakening Essential Oil3888
Back Pain Relief Essential Oil3888
Headache Relief Essential Oil3888
Hormone Balance Essential Oil3888
Insomnia Relief Essential Oil3888
Joint Pain Relief Essential Oil3888
Leg Pain Relief Essential Oil3888
Men Power Essential Oil3888
Neck Pain Relief Essential Oil3888
Nose Sinus Relief Essential Oil3888
Pressure Relief Essential Oil3888
Sensual Essential Oil3888
Sleep Well Essential Oil3888
Varicose Vein Essential Oil3888
Essential Oil For Pet
Pet Antibacterial2868
Pet Fleas Buster2868
Pet Germs Buster2868
Pet Hair Growth2868
Pet Sensitive Skin2868
Pet Silky2868
Pet Super Deodorising2868

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